Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy working!

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog. A lot of things happened from the beginning of this year.
Last January, Hafizan was admitted to Ipoh Specialist, for 3 days and two nights. It was a nightmare for us. He vomited after every feed. Doctor diagnosed that Hafizan had some bacteria in his stomach that caused some problems. God knows how hard it is taking care of a sick child in the hospital. On the first night, Hafizan cried almost through the night. He turned skinny in just one day.

On the second day at the hospital, Hafizan got better. It was hard keeping him in his room, so we spent most of the day at the kids corner, playing toys and watching the aquarium, instead of the TV. Thanks to Allah, the bacteria were not dangerous. Now, Hafizan is healthy as can be. I pray that both my kids will be ok and healthy.

In February, I found out that I am pregnant. Since then, I had the morning sickness, or should I call it as ‘All-Day Sickness’. I was easily tired, nausea, headache, and the list goes on. Now, I am 3 months pregnant. The condition is getting better, and I’m doing the best I can to be online to update both of my blogs.

I had big plans in mind. Now, I’m trying to learn as many as I can. Hopefully, everything will turn out great.

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The election was over. Well, hopefully the government will get some message through their lost in several states.

Wishing everyone a very best luck in everything you guys do. Stay happy!


  1. Pekabo yati??
    camana kesihatan sekarang? kandungan makin nakal ke?

  2. Congrats.. bila due? Aku kerap ke Perak laa ni.. hehe :)
    If aku sampai sana, I'll rang you up ok?

  3. Aniqahana, tq. Due bulan 9. Tipon la bila sampai sini. :)

    ummu ati, yati ok dah. Dah 6 bulan dah, cepat je masa berlalu. :)